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Last updated: March 18, 2024 19:00 EST

Welcome to our stamp tutorial where we'll guide you through the process of crafting your very own personalized digital stamps using our innovative tool - StampJam.
Our Online stamp generator is thoughtfully organized into Five (5) distinct sections:
1. Add Elements: Adding shapes, text, templates & images
2. Canvas: Here is where you will be able to see your custom stamps taking shape
3. Edit Elements: Manipulating the elements added to the canvas
4. Layers: Lets you choose the element on the canvas to edit, hide or delete
5. Tool-Bar: Lets you choose the color of your stamp and other functions we will talk more about in the upcoming sections

stampjam app layout Map: Add, Edit, Layers, Tool-bar & Canvas all work together to help you design a professional stamp for your business.

Adding elements is a breeze; simply select the desired shape, text, image or template and it will be seamlessly “painted” in the center of the canvas.

Once you add any element to the canvas, 3 events occur simultaneously:
1. The added element is painted onto the canvas.
2. The edit box associated with the added element is generated on the right of the screen.
3. The added element is entered into the “Layers” section.

stampjam app layout 2 The Editing phase is where your creative side takes center stage. It is during this phase that you will infuse your unique personal touch into crafting your very own custom stamp.

Now that we have a high level understanding of the major sections, let’s get into the finer details and follow a step by step process to design a stamp with StampJam.

Note: For the purpose of this stamp tutorial, we'll choose a Circle shape, envisioning the creation of a round company stamp.

Step 1: Add & Edit shapes

The design journey commences with the selection of a shape. Rest assured, the chosen shape can always be changed or deleted.To add a shape simply click on "Shapes" followed by the shape of your choice.

Suggestion: Having a clear idea of your desired stamp shape can significantly streamline your workflow, saving you both time and effort.

After adding a circle, let’s go ahead and edit it as per our requirement. We have provided 3 editing techniques for shapes:

  1. Size: Controls the size of your shape. By dragging the slider you can increase or decrease it's size.
  2. Stroke: Controls the thickness of the shape, drag right to increase and left to decrease its thickness.
  3. Line-Break: This editing technique cuts the solid outline of the shape into smaller pieces. By dragging the slider you can control the length of each piece. Drag right to reduce the length of each piece or drag left to bring it back to a solid outline.

Pro Tip: By using a combination of multiple circles, each with a different size, stroke-width & line-break you can achieve numerous variations of shapes. Get creative! Remember, using our Tool is fun!

The 3 editing techniques above apply to ALL 15 shapes. The line shape has 3 additional editing techniques associated with it:

  1. Horizontal Position: Dragging the horizontal position slider right moves the Line to the right of the canvas. Dragging it left moves it to the left.
  2. Vertical position: Just like horizontal positional control, you can also control the vertical position. Drag the slider left to move the line up. Dragging it right will move the line down.
  3. Rotation: Drag the slider to rotate the line around its axis. We have provided a complete 360 degree rotation. Moving the slider right will rotate the line clockwise. Moving it left makes it rotate counterclockwise.

Note: Positional control is only applicable to the Line shape and Line text (we will talk more about the line text in the next section)

Step 2: Add & Edit Text

Since we have envisioned a round stamp, we will add a “Circular text” in this step to complement the circle you added in the first step. Click on "Text" followed by the circular text button. The chosen text will be painted on the canvas.

Pro Tip: Hover over the different text types after clicking “Text” on the left of the screen. While you hover, you will notice a “Tool-tip” describing each text type. We have provided 6 “Text” types:
1. Circular
2. Line
3. Square
4. Triangle
5. Rectangle
6. Quad

Important: It is very important to add at least one text element to your custom stamp design through which you can enter business, company, address and registration information.

If you don’t, the tool will not allow you to download your design and will give you a “Enter Text” notification. See image below.

Stampjam add text explanation

After adding a circular text, you will see its corresponding edit box generated on the right side of the screen. The edit box has a plethora of editing techniques. We will walk through each one so you get comfortable designing a custom stamp with StampJam.

  1. Text: Enter your desired text into this field.
  2. Symbols: Symbols contain numerous icons commonly used in stamp designs. Simply click on the symbol of your choice and it will be copied to the clipboard. Now paste it in the text field and edit it just as you would edit any other Text. Refer Screenshot below
  3. stampjam how to add a symbol to your stamp design
  4. Font: Choose a font from the list. We have 50 fonts to choose from.
  5. Style: We have included 5 text styling techniques:
    • Bold: Makes your text bold
    • Italic: Makes your text italic
    • Uppercase: Converts your text into Capital letters
    • Whiten: Whitens your text (refer Tips and Tricks section of the tuorial to dive deeper into Whiten Text)
    • Invert: By default the text will be painted clockwise. To change your text from clockwise to counter-clockwise, click - "Invert" (see image below)
    • stamp jam invert text tutorial
  6. Font Size: Drag the slider to increase or decrease the font size. We have limited the minimum font size to 24 as we want the text to be visible once the stamp design has been inserted into a document. Anything smaller and the text in your custom stamp would be difficult to read.
  7. Letter Spacing: This text editing technique increases or decreases the space between each character in your text. The default spacing has been set to 100 which is the maximum spacing. To decrease the spacing between each letter, drag the slider left.
  8. Radius: Drag the slider right to increase the radius of the text. Drag it left to decrease it.
  9. Rotation: By dragging the rotation slider we can choose the starting point for our text. The default position has been set to 0, with a maximum of 100. This allows us to position the text in the desired starting point. Drag the slider right to rotate the text clockwise, drag it left to rotate the text counter-clockwise in your stamp design.

The 7 editing techniques above apply to ALL 6 Text types. The line text has 3 additional editing techniques associated with it:

  1. Horizontal Position: Dragging the horizontal position slider right moves the Line text to the right of the canvas. Dragging it left moves it to the left.
  2. Vertical position: Just like horizontal positional control, you can also control the vertical position. Drag the slider left to move the line text up. Dragging it right will move the line text down.
  3. Rotation: Drag the slider to rotate the line text around its axis. We have provided a complete 360 degree rotation. Moving the slider right will rotate the line text clockwise. Moving it left rotates it counter-clockwise.

Step 3: Add & Edit Images

Now that we have added shape(s) and text element(s), you can choose to add image(s) from our image library, or upload your own brand logo.

To add an image, click on "Images" and then choose an image from our extensive image library. Once chosen, the image will be drawn in the center of the canvas and the corresponding edit box will be generated on the right side of the screen. Furthermore, its entry into the layers section will also occur. We have provided 4 editing techniques for images:

  1. Size: By dragging the slider left or right you can decrease or increase the size of the image.
  2. Horizontal position: Drag the slider to position the image horizontally (left/right) on the canvas.
  3. Vertical position: Drag the slider to position the image vertically (up/down) on the canvas.
  4. Rotation: Drag the slider to rotate the image around its axis. 360 degree rotation has been provided.

To upload an image, click on "Images" --> “Upload Image” and choose an image from your computer and click "Ok". The uploaded image will be painted in the center of the canvas.

Note: You can only upload PNG images into your stamp design.


The “Toolbar” positioned directly on top of the canvas allows you to:

  1. Choose and “Fill” the color of your stamp.
  2. Doc-View lets you visualize your stamp on an A4 size paper.
  3. Delete chosen elements from your design.
  4. A reset button that clears the canvas and your entire stamp from the canvas.
stamp jam Tool-bar

1. Choosing a color:

Now that we have the building blocks in place, it wouldn't be a personalized stamp if you weren't allowed to change the color.

In order to change the color of the stamp, click on the “Fill Icon” from the “Tool-bar” section on top of the canvas. There are 4 ways to change the color:

  1. Manual: Drag the small circle inside the color palette towards your desired color. You can also directly click anywhere in the color palette.
  2. RGB: Enter the desired red, green and blue values in the boxes below.
  3. HSL: To enter a HSL value click on the R G B text to display the HSL input box. Now enter the desired values in the HSL input field.
  4. HEX: In order to enter a HEX value, click on R G B text to display the HEX input box. Now enter the desired HEX code.

2. Deleting an element:

Click any element from the layers section. After the element has been selected from the layers section, Click “Delete” from the tool-bar. This deletes the element permanently so be careful while choosing an element to delete. (Bringing an element back is not possible)

3. Resetting the canvas:

If you are not satisfied with your design and want to start over, click on “Reset” from the tool-bar section --> click “Yes, clear the canvas”. This will permanently delete the design so that you can start the stamp design process again. After you click “Reset” from the Tool-bar, you will be given a notification before the design is deleted. If you are sure, click “Yes”, if this was made in error, click “No”.


Now that we have added a shape, text & image, edited them according to our requirements, it’s time to understand how to highlight, edit on the go, hide and/or delete an element from your custom stamp using the “Layers” section.

The Layer section allows the user to choose an element from the layer’s list in order to:

  1. Highlight an element: While hovering your mouse over the layers list, the corresponding element will be highlighted on the canvas.
  2. Edit an element: By clicking on a particular layer, the corresponding edit box for the selected element will appear above. Now we can edit the chosen element from its corresponding edit box.
  3. Hide an element: Each item in the layer’s list has its own eye icon. By clicking on the eye, that particular element will be hidden in the canvas and the open eye will now appear closed. To unhide the element in the canvas, click on the closed eye and the layer will reappear on the canvas. This feature allows the user to view their stamp without certain elements simply by hiding them before they decide to delete or keep the element. Important: We have noticed users hide an element but forget to unhide or delete the element before they download their stamp. When they receive their stamp design they are surprised to see an element that was not supposed to be there (they forgot to unhide it during the design process!) To combat this issue and help users during the design process we now include a "Layer Count". This feature counts the number of elements (shapes, text, images) in your design and updates dynamically as you add or delete an element. This "Counter" can be found in the layers section next to the word "LAYER".
  4. Delete an element: To delete an element from the canvas, click on the element you want to delete from the layer’s list and then click delete in the “Tool-bar”. The element will now be deleted from the canvas as well as the layers list.

Pro-Tip: The latest element added to the canvas will be on top of the layer list. Once you delete an element you can’t bring it back.


We have professionally designed 100’s of pre-made stamp designs for your convenience. You can always choose to start the design process with pre-made templates.

Step 1: Choose a shape

Even if you want to use a pre-made template, our tool is designed to always start with a shape. It doesn't matter which shape you choose if you intend to use a template, the shape can always be deleted later.

Step 2: Choose a template

Click on Templates from the left side of the screen. The desired template will be painted to the canvas, saving you time and effort.
Now you can edit the template’s text, shapes and/or images.

Pro-tip: Filter the templates based on shape by clicking on any of the shapes from the top of the templates section


  1. Navigate to Google Translate
  2. Choose English from the left of the screen and your output language from the right
  3. Enter your desired text on the left and Google will translate it in real time on the right.
  4. Now copy the translated text and navigate to our Online Stamp Generator
  5. Now "Add" any shape to begin.
  6. Add a text of your choice - circular, line, square etc.
  7. Paste the copied text in the text input field in the edit box on the right.
  8. Edit your text by choosing a font, font-size, bold, italic etc.

  9. The Canvas will paint your chosen language on the canvas. Happy Stamping!

Download your stamp

Once you are satisfied with your stamp design, it is time to download it.

Click on “Download” in the top right of the page > enter your email address, name & card details > click “Pay”.

Wait a few seconds while our system processes your request. If you payment was successful, you will see a Download button on the next page. Click "Download"

Check your email as we send another copy of your design to the email address provided in the previous step. The email will have a zip folder attached and the contents of the zip folder are mentioned below:

  1. Stamp.png: If you selected our "Gold" plan, you will only receive a PNG file.
  2. files: If you selected our "Platinum" plan, you will receive PNG, JPG, EPS, SVG and PDF files.
  3. Bonus PNG’s: Your original stamp is also sent in 4 additional colors at no extra charge (Platinum users only)
  4. Old_style.png: This image will add a worn/old look to your personalized stamp. (Provided for "Gold" & "Platinum" users)
  5. Support.txt: This text file contains important information regarding your stamp design. Your unique product id will be mentioned in the text file with which you can contact us if you have any questions.

Aaaaand that’s a wrap! You are now fully equipped to design a custom stamp in 3 EASY steps!

We hope you had as much fun designing your own stamp as we did teaching you how to!

How to make a Signature stamp

Businesses require all kinds of stamps. One such kind of stamp is a signature stamp. In fact a signature stamp improves speed & efficiency as well as security in document processing. We at StampJam have made it very simple to create your very own signature stamp. Follow the steps below:

  1. Sign a blank piece of white paper.
  2. Take a clear and stable photo of your signature with your smartphone. Send the photo you just took to your computer via email, bluetooth, whatsapp etc.
  3. Save the photo of your signature on your computer
  4. Navigate to our Online Stamp Generator.
  5. Add a shape by clicking on “Shapes”. (you can always change the shape later)
  6. Navigate to the Images section and click on the green “Upload image” button at the bottom.
  7. Upload the photo of your signature. Your signature will now be painted on the canvas. Add additional shapes, text, images to your stamp design if required.
  8. Click on “Download” once you are satisfied with your design
  9. Enter your email address to receive your signature stamp via email
  10. Check your mail for an email from "StampJam" (don't forget to check your spam folder)
  11. We also provide a "Download" option on the final page after successful payment.

There you have it! Your very own signature stamp that will save you time and money - Happy stamping!

Tips and Tricks

  1. How to use your keypad for more accurate control of elements.

    Sometimes you may want to make tiny or incremental size or positional changes to an element in your stamp. For example, you may want to adjust the font size so it fits perfectly in your design. But dragging the font size slider may increase or decrease the font size more than intended. In this case, it will be more effective to use your computer's keyboard to make incremental changes. Here is how you can achieve it.

    1. Click on the Thumb (blue circle) of the slider you wish to increase or decrease.

    2. Now use your keypads left or right key to decrease or increase the value of the slider.

    stamp jam slider tutorial

    Pro-Tip: You can also use your escape key to close shapes, text, templates or image sections. Furthermore, the escape key can also be used to close any warnings/pop-ups during the stamp design process. You can also enter the value in the input field on the right of every slider to increase or decrease its value. This works in the same way dragging the slider changes the input.

  2. How to use “Whiten Text” like a Pro

    1. Add a shape from our shapes library & increase it Stroke-Width.

    2. Add a complimenting text to the canvas. (if you have added a circle, add a circular or line text)

    3. Now click “Whiten” under the style section of the text. You will notice the text disappears. But worry not, it has not been deleted or hidden. It is merely “White” in color.

    stampjam whiten text tutorial

    4. Now increase the radius of the circular text so it aligns within the thicker border of the shape you added from Step 1.

    5. You will notice that the text magically appears within the border of the shape. Refer image below to fully understand how this editing technique works.

    stampjam whiten text tutorial

  3. What to do if individual letters in your text are overlapping each other?

    Sometimes when we add a circular text to our stamp, choose a font and font size, we may experience that the individual characters of your text begin to overlap each other. This is not an ideal situation especially when we need our business stamp to be as precise as possible. This phenomenon occurs because the entered text is too long to make a complete 360 circle. In such a case, to refrain from any input text overlap we have 4 options:

    1. Decrease the length of the text by deleting some content (not always possible)

    2. Decrease the font size of your text

    3. Choose a different font (every font has different spacing between each letter).

    4. Increase Letter spacing by dragging the slider right.

    5. Increase the radius of the circular text to increase the gap between each letter

  4. By performing any of the above changes, you will notice that the characters no longer overlap each other.


In conclusion, navigating the creative realm of stamp design has never been more accessible than with StampJam. This tutorial has equipped you with the essential skills to effortlessly craft your personalized stamps. From the intuitive interface to the myriad customization options, StampJam empowers users to seamlessly translate their ideas into tangible, high-quality stamps. With, the journey of turning your visions into unique stamps is both user-friendly and cost-effective.
If you still need assistance using our Online Stamp Generator, please reach out to us at [email protected].
Until next time, Happy Stamping!

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